Professor Bradley NELSON

Bradley NELSON

Professor, Robotics and Intelligent Systems
Professor, Multi-Scale Medical Robotics Centre
ETH Zürich
Brad Nelson is the Professor of Robotics and Intelligent Systems at ETH Zürich and is the Chief Scientific Advisor of Science Robotics. He has nearly forty years of experience in the field and has received a number of awards in robotics, nanotechnology, and biomedicine. He serves on the advisory boards of a number of academic departments and research institutes across North America, Europe, and Asia. Prof. Nelson has been the Department Head of Mechanical and Process Engineering at ETH twice, the Chairman of the ETH Electron Microscopy Center, and a member of the Research Council of the Swiss National Science Foundation. He also serves on boards of three Swiss companies and is a member of the Swiss Academy of Engineering (SATW). Before moving to Europe, Nelson worked as an engineer at Honeywell and Motorola and served as a United States Peace Corps Volunteer in Botswana, Africa. He has also been a professor at the University of Minnesota and the University of Illinois at Chicago.

Magnetically Guided Endoscopes, Catheters, and Microrobots