Professor James Yun Wong LAU

James Yun Wong Lau

Yao Ling Sun Professor of Surgery
The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Dr Lau graduated from the Medical School to the University of New South Wales in 1987. In the 1990s, Dr Lau was trained in upper gastrointestinal and therapeutic endoscopy. He received further training in vascular surgery in Edinburgh in 2000. Dr Lau currently leads the vascular surgical service at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. His current practice includes endoscopy with a focus on difficult ERCP, abdominal sarcoma surgery, open and endovascular surgery for vascular diseases.

Dr Lau has diverse research interests. He is internationally renowned for his clinical research in the management of patients with acute upper gastrointestinal bleeding and in therapeutic endoscopy specifically in biliary endoscopy and hemostatic techniques. In addition, he is interested in novel GI imaging techniques, epidemiology of ruptured abdominal aortic aneurysms.

Dr Lau became Professor to Surgery in 2008 and in addition received an endowed Professorship following a generous donation from late Mr. Yao Ling Sun. Dr. Lau received two National Awards and a Croucher Senior Medical Fellowship for his excellence in clinical research.